Who is the father?

Who is the father of my child? This is a question that bothers many mothers when they are pregnant, and this can be very annoying. During pregnancy, you naturally want to be engaged and in this, the presence of a father is very important. It is also very important for the father to know if he is the biological father of a child. Besides, there are fathers who deny being the father of the baby and this can cause a lot of stress for the mother. Stress is never good during pregnancy and can even cause problems. Do you want to find out who the father actually is? Then a paternity test can shed more light on this.

Who is the father?

You can easily order a paternity test on the internet and use it at home. At home, you have to take DNA samples not only from the alleged father, but also from the baby. The baby’s DNA is in the mother’s blood and this has to be taken. The DNA samples are examined, and you get the answer to the important question. In some cases, this all works a bit differently and there has to be a legal test. Do you want to know how this works? In this article, we go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Court DNA test

In some cases, a court orders that a paternity test must take place. This may be due to a court case about child support or custody. This is called a court DNA test, and it has to be taken in a special way. Normally, you can take the DNA samples yourself, but this is not allowed with a court DNA test. With a court DNA test, the samples must be taken by an independent person. This way, the judge knows that the samples have not been tampered with. This can be a general practitioner or a nurse who knows exactly how this works.

Legal paternity test

Do you need a legal paternity test for in court? Then you can easily order it on the internet and have it delivered to your GP. This of course costs money, but in most cases it is quite cheap. You have a lot of different DNA test providers abroad, where you can purchase a legal paternity test. On the provider’s website, you can also find more information about the paternity test and exactly how it works.

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