Tips for choosing safe herbal medicines

Herbal remedies formulated from leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, and fragrant roots have been used for generations to cure various diseases. However, not all herbal medicines are safe for consumption.

Many herbal products on the market contain chemicals. They can cause serious side effects, such as heart problems and blood pressure. For that, you, as a consumer, must be wiser in choosing and buying herbal medicines.

Here are some tips on choosing safe herbal medicines.

1. Check the packaging

Before buying, examine the product packaging, and make sure the packaging is not damaged. Check when the product made. Make sure that the name of the supplement, list of ingredients in the office address, suggestions & presentation included in the package.

2. Read the label

Herbal medicine manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the claims they make about their products are not wrong and supported by adequate evidence.

Therefore, even though it made from natural ingredients, many herbal medicines contain chemicals that can give side effects. You must be selective in choosing a compound medication pharmacy.

3. Make sure there is permission

Make sure the herbal products that you want to buy have an authorization. If you purchase something from a Pharmacy, make sure that the Pharmacy has a license to practice, and officially registered at the Health Service department.

4. See the drug group logo

For an herbal medicine to be declared safe, the product must first be scientifically proven safety through a series of clinical trials. Herbal medicines must also be tested for dosage, method of use, effectiveness, monitoring of side effects, and their interactions with other drug compounds. Fitofarmaka is the only class of herbal medicine that has passed all preclinical and clinical trials in humans. 

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