Serological Centrifuge: All the Essentials You Need to Know

A serological centrifuge is a device that helps detect antibodies and antibody-like components that are present in a blood sample. Just like other types of centrifuges, the serological centrifuge is driven by a rotor operating under the sedimentation principle. It works by splitting up less dense particles from more dense ones.

Various areas of science, from immunology to biochemistry consider serological centrifuges as an important device. They come in models and variants that are great for small working benches while others are suitable for large workspaces.

Hettich is known for their vast range of top quality centrifuges for the clinical, industrial, and research markets. Their serological centrifuges are designed to obtain rapid results, fast acceleration and deceleration and high g-forces. They also have a signature serological centrifuge that makes the process fast and easy.

Their top notch unit has a choice of six rotors which can be removed and replaced with ease, thanks to the machine’s built-in quick release system. Their inventory of serological centrifuges also has backlit digital control panels that allow users to save nine multiple settings.

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