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Their work, whether intentionally or not, is positioned as secondary to the dynamism of the main stars. If your basement is prone to flooding, leaks, or excess moisture, call in a pro. “Basement remodels gain back anywhere from 50 to 100 percent, depending on the quality of the materials.” She currently serves as a senior digital editor for Better Homes & Gardens.

  • This will add function and style to the space while also inviting.
  • What trends do you like best and what common features tend to pop up in your favourite inspiration images?
  • There sales rep was very informative and gave us different options to choose from.
  • Whether you’re looking to get inspired, or to simply learn more about different tasks and techniques, these top 10 home improvement YouTube channels will help you achieve your home renovation goals.
  • He made some minor changes the day of the project because he listened to me, HEARD me (big difference between listening and hearing!), and responded to our needs.

Think a beautifully styled bed, bedside table, ambient lighting, and thoughtful touches like fresh flowers. Contact your local authority to check whether this scheme operates in your area. You should also check you have the right amount of cover through your home insurance when the work’s finished. This is particularly important with extensions and structural changes that can affect the rebuild cost of your home. Make sure your contents cover is enough to cover any extra furniture you’ve bought, too. A garden hot tub – though lovely – could be viewed as something of a frippery and while it might set some hearts racing, it’s very much a case of taste.

Eco-friendly paint options – some of which have low to no VOC. If you have a paint color in mind, bring home samples with a few different House & Home Improvement finishes, to see which you prefer. Popcorn ceilings, it’s highly recommended to have a professional test and then remove it.

Explore our interactive detached and terrace houses, shop or flat to find out information on many common householder projects, including garage and basement conversions, new outbuildings and extensions. Well, if you need a little extra motivation to take that first step, look no further than the best home improvement shows on TV. The friendly hosts and genius tips will inspire you to finally tackle that DIY project you’ve been daydreaming about for months.

Buyers care about a home office more than they care about whether the home is move-in ready or is of a minimum square footage, our survey found. In some cases, buyers are seeking out multiple home offices. A 2020 survey of top HomeLight agents found that 44% cited the “need for more space” as the no. 1 moving motivator, with 31% citing the desire for more private outdoor space another top motivation.

Now You Can Actually Live in MIT’s $10K Robotic Apartment in a Box

Local building codes in high-wind areas may require doors to have high-impact glass. Site servicing plan must include lot dimensions and the footprint of the proposed or existing building, any additions, and any projections such as decks, roof overhangs and doorsteps. It must also indicate the proposed building’s distance from all property boundaries, the location and dimensions of the driveway, existing buildings and setbacks to existing buildings. In addition, watercourse buffer and coastal area information , when required.

Tune into new episodes plus watch the previous two seasons on BBC iPlayer. Designer Kevin McCloud visits couples and families who are determined to create their dream homes and build it themselves. Our favorite female home improvement bloggers can roll up their sleeves, paint walls, drill cabinets and wield hammers with the best of ‘em.

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