Is it Safe to Use Relizen for Menopause Relief?

Age is just a number. And this is well known to women who, at 45, feel like they are at 30, fascinate with their charm, are not afraid to change their lives, try new things, and remember with a grin the word menopause. The drug Relizen for menopause helps them in this. This supplement is a non-hormonal natural remedy that naturally stabilizes the level of sex hormones. The regular administration of active ingredients of Relizen allows effective elimination of psycho-emotional and autonomic climacteric symptoms after menopause – increased sweating, irritability, sleep disturbance, increased nervous irritability, muscle, and joint pain.

Important features of Relizen review:

The active components of the composition of Relizen for menopause contribute to:

  • Normalization of the state of the nervous system and sleep;
  • Stabilizing the emotional background and improving mood;
  • Activation of tissue renewal processes, increasing skin elasticity and improving hair condition;
  • Blocking and decreasing the frequency of hot flashes;
  • Elimination of estrogen deficiency;
  • Strengthening bone tissue.

Composition of the Complex. Relizen Ingredients

Unlike the names of black cohosh and red clover that are already boring and sounding at every step, Relizen contains a fairly “new and fresh” component – the pollen of the Swedish flower. This natural biomaterial is a storehouse of useful properties that contribute to the relief of menopausal women. Namely, the supplement Relizen ingredients actively contribute to:

  • eliminating sudden hot flashes and night sweats;
  • normalization of the nervous system condition, namely, the elimination of irritability, normalization of sleep, increase stress resistance of a woman during menopause;
  • normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs (eliminates dryness of mucous membranes of the external genital organs);
  • improving the condition of the cardiovascular system;
  • normalization of mineral metabolism in bones and prevention of osteoporosis.

Drug Relizen Regimen

Relizen for menopause should be taken by women 2 capsules per day. The manufacturer claims that eating does not affect the digestibility of the supplement, which means it can be taken at any time convenient for you. One pack of medicine contains 60 capsules, which is enough for one month of non-stop therapy.

The duration of the treatment supplement is 3 months. If necessary, the reception can be continued on the recommendation of a doctor.

Relizen Side Effects

Since all the components of the supplement are of natural origin, side effects after Relizen for menopause therapy are not observed, and it has a minimum of contraindications. The full course lasts 3 months, and upon its completion, such an unpleasant condition as menopause becomes fully controlled.

It should be noted that despite the safety and harmlessness of the dietary supplement Relizen, a woman in menopause should not neglect the consultation with a doctor. Why? Because she can have individual intolerance to the main component of the drug and this can end with unpleasant consequences after taking the tablets.

Relizen Contraindications

Among the typical contraindications to the use of Relizen pills are the following:

  • pregnancy
  • lactation period.

The natural drug Relizen helps restore hormonal balance and reduce the intensity of the climacteric symptoms, normalize the psycho-emotional state of a woman.

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