Is it possible to create 100% natural beauty products?

If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to a beauty product, you’ve probably wished it was a 100% natural product, free of chemicals and preservatives. The good news is that this is now a reality. Have you seen those shiny black cosmetic bottles? If you’ve ever bought one, you probably already know that its color is not black but violet. A simple change in the glass’s color can prevent the contents from deteriorating easily when using products without preservatives. Therefore, companies prefer to buy apothecary jars wholesale to create products that do not cause allergies to those people who have delicate skin. This is good news for companies that can reach more customers and it is also good news for people who previously could not use some beauty product because it caused swelling or itching.

How does crystal violet work?

To understand how crystal violet protects products, we need to talk about light and its composition. When you turn on a lamp or go out in the sunlight, you cannot see the different rays that make up the light. These rays are visible light, violet rays, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. The visible rays are the ones that make it possible for your eyes to see things, while your eyes cannot see the other rays. When an organic substance comes into contact with visible light rays; its molecular structure breaks down faster. The violet crystal blocks the passage of these visible rays and only allows the other rays to pass through. Ultraviolet rays not only protect the molecular structure of an organic substance but also energize it, enhancing its benefits.

A growing trend

Many companies are joining this trend of using violet glass packaging in their products. It is no surprise that the cosmetics and food industries are implementing this glass in their packaging. For example, if tea, coffee, or any type of spice is stored in these containers, its aroma and flavor will remain intact for much longer. In fact, researchers placed a cherry tomato inside a violet glass container that remained intact for up to 6 months, while in other types of containers it deteriorated within a pair of weeks. Because the molecular structure remains stable, its natural decomposition process is greatly slowed down. If you are planning to buy a product, do not hesitate to choose the one that comes in a violet glass container. You will be able to reuse it to store organic products once the product runs out.

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