Glass bottles and jars to store your products in an eco-friendly way

Everyone probably knows how important sustainability is for our environment and even our entire world. Plastic straws are replaced by paper or metal straws to save our oceans and the turtles and more and more people are buying solar panels. Even big companies are watching their carbon emissions to protect the world as much as possible. Glasmeister has completely embraced sustainability and has designed eco-friendly glass bottles and jars. They are not only watching their carbon emissions during the transport of their products, but during the entire production. If you would like to know more about this company, please keep reading as we will tell you more about Glasmeister and their products in this article.

About the company

Glassmeister designs and produces sustainable glass bottles and jars for storage. They hope to protect the world by using materials and production that minimise the impact on the environment. Glasmeister reduces as much waste as possible in their production, gives people the opportunity to re-use their quality bottles and actually uses recycled materials. And therefore their motto is: reduce, re-use, recycle. They are based in Europe and only use European materials, which results in less transportation and minimises their carbon emission. While Glasmeister is already very sustainable, they are still looking for more ways to become even more eco-friendly!

The production: from design to product

Their products are very sustainable and that is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, Glasmeister uses post-consumer and post-industrial recycled and scrap glass. This means that their products are already made from recycled materials, reducing waste. Their bottles and jars are also recyclable and easily made into a new bottle, reducing even more waste. On top of that, Glasmeister only uses European materials and delivers via local transportation. This results in them having less carbon emission on their transport and supporting local businesses. They also use as much renewable energy and green electricity as possible as they are trying to replace fossil fuel.

Their beautiful bottles and jars

All of their bottles and jars share a very elegant and sleek design. Many of their bottles and jars come in different sizes. So you can choose whether you want a small carry on size or a bigger bottle for more storage. A lot of their bottles also come in two different colours. Some are transparent and some are amber coloured.

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